Candace and Kyle’s Citrine Celebration | Avalon Manor | Merrillville, Indiana | Photobooth

Candace and Kyle made the night golden for friends and family as they celebrated their nuptials at Avalon Manor, with dancing, fine food, a candy table, uplighting, drapery, games and photobooth fun.

Avalon Manor Photobooth Wedding

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Rosalinda’s Quinceañera Celebration | Avalon Manor | Merrillville, Indiana | Photobooth

Rosalinda’s Quinceañera celebration was a sight to behold at Avalon Manor in Merrillville Indiana, with coral and pink everywhere, balloon arches, fine dining, amazing choreographed dances and a photobooth to capture memories.

Avalon Manor Photobooth Picture

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Jenn and Chris’s Butterfly Wedding | Avalon Manor | Photobooth

Avalon Manor was home to a pink, black, and butterfly themed wedding with photobooth, where Jenn and Chris bound their lives together forever before friends and family.

Avalon Manor Wedding

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